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Giving Away THREE e-Books
Round # 1
By Jeff Salter
Giving Away THREE E-Books, Round # 1
by Jeff Salter

Okay, folks, I’m late to get this cranked up, but I’m going to be giving away three e-books – two of mine and one of my brother’s – per round … with as many rounds as I can squeeze in between now and Christmas.

Yep, you heard me — free e-books! No obligation (beyond correctly following instructions for the drawing).

At the end of this blog, you’ll get the specific instructions for THIS round’s drawing. If you haven’t won anything (here) yet, be sure to check back in the coming two weeks for
additional rounds. Each round will have three winners!

I hope to have as many as six rounds — that would be 18 free e-books! Each round will also have DIFFERENT rules / instructions (below) … so please read that part

Why am I giving away free e-books?

In the spirit of this wonderful Season, it’s a gift.

I’m promoting my new (since late October) blog — Write By Salter.


eBay Plot

eBay Plot

The eBay Plot (Book 1) front cover photo

Book 1 Launching Press Release

The eBay Plot: The eBay Detective Book 1

By Charles A. Salter

Consumer Copy

Louella shivered again. Lots more to sell on eBay. But never again like this. Never before darting to work in the morning. Next time she’d choose a crowded place in the middle of the day. She didn’t even know what the buyer looked like, only that he would meet her at six a.m. and would arrive in a white Lincoln Continental.

Speak of the devil.

Brad Stout is a US Army major, an expert in radiation defense at the military’s premier radiation defense lab. He is assigned to monitor sales of radioactive products on eBay in an effort to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on illicit nuclear knowledge and materials that can make dirty bombs.

Brad has been on the trail of an eBay buyer who seems to be involved in a recent murder and who is prepping to make a dirty bomb. Brad is about to bring the situation under control when the tables turn and the eBay buyer is now stalking Brad’s activity.

In this compelling dramatization of the never-before-told true story of how military scientists used eBay to help foil a developing dirty bomb plot, national security is in jeopardy. Brad picks up on the trail, but can he prevent a weapon of mass destruction in the nation’s capital before it is too late?


Paperback: 5.5x 8.5 
228 Pages
Release Date: 2012-12-04

Special Features:
ISBN #: 978-1-62147-492-0
Carton Count: 30

Product Category: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General FICTION / War & Military
Distributor: Ingram Spring Arbor

Marketing Support:
Author Book Signings, Newspapers, Radio & Television Interviews, Book Reviews, Christian Industry Advertising, Trade shows, Internet Advertising, Catalogs, Speaking Engagements